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Jean-Philippe Manches Jean-Philippe Janoueix

Jean-Philippe Manches and Jean-Philippe Janoueix


Château Grange Cochard embarks on a new adventure with its 2020 vintage

Jean-Philippe Manches has taken over from a British couple, James and Sarah Wilding, on this 8.5-hectare vineyard in the Beaujolais region’s Morgon appellation.

This young entrepreneur from Lyon is barely 30 years old, but is by no means a newcomer to the wine business.

Soon after finishing his studies in business, he chose to put wine at the centre of his career. He trained as a sommelier at the University of Wine in Suze La Rousse and then in 2016 he founded Maison Orcia, a wine trading company.

Pugnacious and determined, he has forever dreamed of becoming a winemaker and it is in the Morgon appellation of the Beaujolais region that he has finally taken the plunge, only a stone’s throw away from where he grew up with his 3 brothers.

Winemaking ventures are often the fruit of encounters between fellow wine enthusiasts and Jean-Philippe Manches has not set out on this new challenge alone.

The talented and experienced Bordeaux winemaker Jean-Philippe Janoueix has joined him on this venture. He has never forgotten the Beaujolais his grandfather introduced him to at a young age and ever since has wanted to produce these wines he appreciates for their finesse and their fruit.

A seasoned winegrower with a desire to pass on his know-how and keen to take on this new adventure outside of his Bordeaux stomping ground. A young Lyon entrepreneur dreaming of becoming a winegrower in his home region. With the firm belief they both have in the potential of Beaujolais, the synergy between the two is obvious.

At Château Grange Cochard, they have found the winegrowing terroir of their dreams. It was love at first sight for this little vineyard with its vines on steep slopes and the best volcanic rock and shale soils in the whole Côte du Py.

A rarity for its region, the vineyard boasts a beautiful house built in the 19th century and surrounded by very rare, centuries-old trees, adding to the beauty of the site.

As the family of Jean-Philippe Manches own several restaurants, the intention is also to make Château Grange Cochard a lively venue where people can meet and exchange ideas, through the creation of a wine tourism activity.

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