Our philosophy is to allow the natural expression and characteristics of our terroir.
We aim to make authentic wines that reflect all the strengths of the Morgon appellation while respecting our unique environment and our glorious mature vines.

For this reason, we have recently begun the organic conversion process in the vineyard. It means that within the next 3 years (by 2024) our vine-growing areas will be producing wines certified as organic. So far, we have also reintroduced many of the techniques and approaches used in former times which have fallen out of favour in recent years and taken advantage of newer technology which allows us to minimise the stress that the grapes and wine can suffer.


It is on the granitic and shaly slopes of Morgon appellation in the Beaujolais region, that the wines of Château Grange Cochard have been crafted since the 18th century. The grape for all the three wines is 100% Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, the traditional variety of the region, and all three are exclusively appellation Morgon. We only use grapes grown from our own vineyard and everything is done by hand on the estate within a few hundred metres of the Château. The great majority of our vines are over 40 years old although many have been growing for almost a century. These mature vines give us low yields of high quality small grapes bursting with structure, flavour and elegant tannins which allow us to make our wines. Our healthy wine cellar allows us to work the most natural way possible so we rely on spontaneous fermentation by the indigenous yeasts to support the expression of the terroir.

Check the animation below and see which parcels the grapes we use for each wine come from:


In the winery everything is done to treat the grapes as gently as possible. On arrival the small boxes of grapes are poured onto our vibrating triage table,
which shakes off moisture and removes any dried berries. Any grape which you would not want in your own mouth should not be in the wine and is therefore rejected.
In an average year we reject 10% of the harvest in this way.

Using the automatic temperature control installed on our arrival we vinify at low temperatures to ensure a gentle and slow process allowing the natural fermentation
to take its course without resorting to heat to speed it up. As a result we have long fermentation periods, normally around 15 to 20 days and sometimes longer.

After the fermentation we empty the tanks by hand and again use conveyors to move the fermented pips and skins to the press, avoiding the use of aggressive pumping.
Finally, pressing is gentle and slow to avoid any harsh tanins in the wine.


Château Grange Cochard is three distinct cuvées with different styles, hand-made with the same love and care.
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Château Grange Cochard
« Côte du Py »


Château Grange Cochard
« Les Charmes »


Château Grange Cochard
« Le Plateau »

Where can you find our wines?

Château Grange Cochard wines are available in the countries present on the map below.
Please email us for more details.